Commercial Financial


Viability Investment


The requirements of any investment vary from project to project based on the time allotted for analysing and the tools required to review the overall size (cost) of the investment, the number of investors (shared risk), the project technology and any contractual or legal risks associated.

In smaller investment cases where there is adequate time for review or larger investment cases where time, costs and investment funding which may be critical, a due diligence from our consulting team is recommended.

Investment Portfolio

Administration & Analysis

In any case, the management of time spent on critical issues that may impact the overall value being offered for the investment is monitored and managed closely.

In-Depth Marketing




  • Analyse current market conditions

  • Evaluate the investment

  • Customize the required marketing approach 

  • Comprehensive in-depth study​

From the smallest facility to the largest portfolio, Jofisa consulting has the capability to provide quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate and value project risks for your specific investment. We can tailor a review from a single qualified consultant to a team of experienced professionals.

Buyer & Seller


As to the project investments which are complex with many areas of financial support and risk and the need to be fully studied to proceed. Whether the investment is in the development stage, construction stage or operating stage Jofisa Consulting can tailor through our partners and associates clients who are interested in buying or selling.


We manage "the" documents for each element of construction i.e Declaration of Performance, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Ancillary Certs, Declaration of Conformance, Technical Data Sheets, Method Statements, residual risks, test & commissioning certs, collateral warranties, product warranties etc and submitting BCAR application to the relevant authority.

Building Technology

We use the following software for all stages of construction and consultancy, Design, cost / variations, Project & Construction Management, Planning & Programme:  Zutec, Workspace, BIM360, Elecosoft Power Project, Cubit9, CostX, Draftsight, Autocad.

Site Management

Site Layout & Organisation, Resources - Materials, Labour, Plant and Finance, Contract Supervision, Quality Management, Site Diary, Productivity, Method Study & Application and Health & Safety.

Contract Administration

Principles of Insurance, Performance Bonds, Contract Law, Procurement Routes, Payment Methods & Cashflows, Contracts, Ethics.

Project Planning & Control

Planning in a Company, Contract Budgets & Cashflow, Performance & Budget Evaluation and Control, Project Phases & Critical Path, Project Scheduling.

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